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Our Practice Areas

We have experience in a wide variety of legal fields, representing clients in the following areas:

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Our attorneys have experience in all types of ADR. We can competently represent you or your business in mediation or arbitration in any forum.
Business Planning / Corporate Formation and Maintenance
Our Business Planning and Corporate Law practice is focused on helping our clients make the best business decisions possible. We can help you buy or sell a business, launch the initial formation of your business entity, whether a corporation, limited liability company, or partnership, and thereafter assist in maintaining the entity structure formalities, as well as advising you regarding the day-to-day challenges of your business operation. Ensuring that our clients are aware of how every legal issue will impact their bottom line is our primary goal.
Business Litigation
Our Business Litigation practice focuses on protecting our client’s bottom line. The most cost effective way to approach business litigation is to spot all the issues early and determine whether litigating the matter will be in the best interest of the business. We will never recommend litigation where the costs outweigh the benefits.
Civil Litigation
Our attorneys have the competence and experience to prepare a case for trial and try or defend the case through to verdict. We pride ourselves on having the skills to guide our clients through every stage of litigation, from the pleadings stage, through discovery, and ultimately at trial to ensure our clients’ rights are protected. While keeping the focus on preparing a matter for trial, we will always evaluate and explore every settlement opportunity that may be in our clients’ best interests.
Construction Law / Mechanics Liens
Our attorneys possess knowledge, skills and experience in every aspect of Construction Law, including Mechanics Liens, construction contracts, and litigation, whether defense or prosecution on behalf of Contractors, Subcontractors or Owners. Construction Law is a unique area of practice because it demands an understanding of legal issues within statutory requirements.
Contract Law
Our attorneys can draft the appropriate contract or review and advise on proposed contracts. Before entering into any contract, it is essential to understand the impact its provisions will have on you and/or your business. Having an attorney review contract documents before execution can prevent later inadvertent consequences. Our attorneys read the “fine print” for you, assuring protection of your contract rights and ensuring an appropriate scope of responsibilities.
Estate Planning / Probate
Whatever your life situation (married, single, same-sex relationship), everyone should include Estate Planning on his/her “Bucket List”…no one is too young, too poor or too healthy to ignore the necessity of planning for death or incapacity. Our attorneys can advise you in all of your estate planning needs, whether you need to name guardians for your minor children, provide for “special needs” dependents, protect your business legacy, and, of course, effectively provide that your intended beneficiaries will receive the benefit of your bounty. Our attorneys ensure that each client’s unique desires are addressed. Given the complexity of statutory requirements, estate planning requires more than simply downloading a form off the internet. Our attorneys will help you understand and explore options designed to meet your specific needs and intentions with regard to estate planning, and how your choices will affect your security, your family and intended beneficiaries. We also handle matters in probate court, ensuring compliance with the deceased’s testamentary documents and statutory requirements.
Real Property
Our attorneys are experienced and competent to represent you with regard to your real estate property issues. Our representation of clients includes residential and commercial sales agreements, closings, leases, and other land deals ensuring that our clients get the best deal possible and maintain their bargained-for interest in property.
Homeowners Association/Condominium Law
In addition to advising and counseling associations on its routine and day-to-day issues, our attorneys have knowledge and expertise in representing numerous Homeowners Associations and Condominium Associations regarding related litigation (assessment collections, eviction/foreclosure for nonpayment of assessments), drafting amendments to governing documents (Declaration and Bylaws) to comply with current statutory requirements, assessment collection, developer turnover, and insurance coverage issues.

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